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What is Edalitics

Edalitics is the cloud solution to analyze your data in a clear and simple way:

  • 0 technical knowledge required.
  • 100% secured data access.
  • With the power of Enterprise Data Analytics just in the cloud.
  • Analytics without worries.

How It Helps

With Edalitics You can:

  • Access to your information from everywhere.
  • Analyze your data freely.
  • Understand your data thanks to our metadata system.
  • Share your data secure and easily.
  • Always have up-to-date information thanks our ETL engine.
  • Create new reports thought a simple drag and drop interface.

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How to have Edalitics

Edalitics  have 3 subscription plans:



Free Trial




Edalitics Free

0 €


1 user accounts

Shared Server

Public data

Unlimited remote datasources

500 access by month

Community Tech Supo

Edalitics Base

29 €


Unlimited users

Private Server

Managed security

Unlimited remote datasources +  5 GB Local

5.000 access by month

Enterprise Tech Support

Edalitics PRO

96 €


Unlimited uers

Private Server

Dedicated Infraestructure

Managed Security + Active Directory integration

Unlimited remote datasources +  25 GB Local

Unlimited access

Enterprise Tech Support




Yes... but what's under the hood?

Edalitics is the colud service provided by Jortilles over Enterprise Data Analyitcs (EDA) solution. Edalitics is just the easiest way to have EDA  without any worries.

Do you want to know more about Edalitics and EDA? just check our documentation ask in our forum or just contact Jortilles.

Do you already have your Edalitics?  Let’s see the firsts steps guide